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Arri has recently started the second Open Beta phase for Software Update Packet 10.0, and they’ve announced some exciting features for this release. The big news for rental houses and owners of Sony’s F5 or F55 is compatibility with Sony’s SxS Pro+ cards, which are available in 64GB and 128GB capacities. This gives you up to 86 minutes of ProRes 422 HQ footage at 24fps on the 128GB cards. Speaking of ProRes, the previously announced support for ProRes 4444 XQ is also included with this release.

Other great features are the addition of a clean Log-C signal on REC OUT while shooting in modes other than 16:9/HD/regular-speed, and faster switching to high-speed mode. Previously, it took 40 seconds to switch to high-speed, but SUP 10 knocks that down to 20 seconds. The following new functions and improvements are also included in SUP 10.0:

  • 180˚ image rotation
  • ARRIRAW 4:3 cropped mode to record 96fps
  • Open Gate support for ALEXA XT M
  • Dimmable status information
  • Monochrome status icons
  • Colored camera index letters
  • Lens squeeze factor metadata
  • Independent peaking setting for playback
  • Master anamorphic lens tables added to Lens Data Archive (LDA)

To download the SUP 10 Open Beta, ALEXA owners must log in after completing a one-time registration on the Arri website. The file can then be downloaded to an SD card for uploading into the camera.

Important note: The ALEXA XT/XR module cameras and the ALEXA Classic have different installation packages, both of which can be found on Arri’s downloads page. Do not attempt to install the XT SUP on ALEXA Classic cameras, ALEXA HD, ALEXA HD Plus, ALEXA Fiber Remote or ALEXA Fiber Remote Plus cameras. Doing so can result in a camera malfunction, which will require the camera being sent to an Arri Service Center for recovery. 

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