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Just this week, Arri released a new Software Update Packet (SUP) for the AMIRA. SUP 1.0.11 contains fixes for the main issues of AMIRA 1.0, and Arri strongly recommends that it be installed immediately on all AMIRA models (AMIRA, AMIRA Advanced, and AMIRA Premium).

To download SUP 1.0.11, visit Arri’s downloads section and complete a one-time registration. (ALEXA users who have previously registered do not need to do so again). The SUP can then be installed on the camera via a USB stick. You can read the full release notes for detailed instructions, but here is a quick rundown of how to install the update: 

  • Download and unpack the firmware package, which contains two files (.SUP and .lic) along with the release notes
  • Prepare the USB drive by connecting it to the camera. Navigate to MENU > Media > Prepare USB medium, and select Confirm. (This creates the proper folder structure on the USB.)
  • Connect the USB drive to your computer, and place the .SUP file in this folder: Arri > AMIRA > SUP
  • Then put the .lic file in this folder: Arri > AMIRA > LICENSES
  • Connect the USB drive to the AMIRA once again, and navigate to Menu > System > Camera Update
  • Select the SUP file from the list and Confirm to start the installation
  • A success message will be displayed once the update is complete

Along with the new SUP, Arri has revealed an updated AMIRA Camera Simulator. We posted about it when it first became available and mentioned how useful it could be to those who want to get familiar with the AMIRA’s menus. Version 2.0 becomes even more helpful with the addition of a Navigator section, which lets users easily highlight the location of the various controls displayed in the Simulator. Additionally, the multi-viewfinder/menu view and the camera controls have been split into their own sections, allowing for more details to be displayed.

To access the Simulator, as well as a number of other AMIRA-specific resources, make sure to visit Arri’s official AMIRA Tools page.

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