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Having already proven itself as a powerful and reliable recorder, the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q will now be getting several improvements and functions via a new firmware update, including advanced playback options, camera specific LUT support, new format support for the Sony FS700 and F3, and new frame rate support in ProRes 422. There’s some big news for anyone who ordered an Odyssey 7 as well – units are now officially shipping

The 7Q’s new playback interface offers standard deck-style controls for play/pause, single-frame step forward or step back, and skip forward or back to next/previous clip, allowing the operator to easily access clips and check shots. 

The new firmware also brings new monitoring LUTs for the ARRI ALEXA (Log-C), Canon C100/300/500 (C-Log), Sony F3 (S-Log), Sony F5/F55 (S-Log2 and S-Log3), and Sony FS700 (S-Log2). All the monitoring LUTs conform the selected camera’s Log profile to Rec709. Monitoring LUTs are applied to the OLED screen, video outputs and image analysis tools, but are not burned into the recording.

Convergent Design has added additional support for the Sony FS700, as well. The 7Q now has the ability to record 4K RAW 100fps or 120fps bursts using the camera’s internal memory buffer. Triggering can be set on the camera for either start trigger or end trigger (pre-record). This record mode allows the user to record roughly 3.7 seconds of real time at 120fps and 4.4 seconds at 100fps. Sony F3 owners can now record 4:4:4 RGB video at 1080/23.98psf, 1080/25psf and 1080/29.97psf to the 7Q. 

Also added to the Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q are several new recording features when using ProRes 422. Both recorders now support 1080i and 720p signals, as well as 24p signals embedded within 1080i video streams using “3:2 pulldown.” 

Along with this new update, Convergent Design has launched a redesigned website that now allows users to rent the ARRIRAW and Canon Raw options for the 7Q. Rentals are based on 24-hour time periods and are available for up to 31 days. A rental begins when the first recording is started; on-screen indicators display the rental time left and warn the operator as time gets low. 

A number of important bug fixes have been implemented in the new firmware, so make sure to check out the official press release for the full details. Firmware version 2.10.141 will be available to download from Convergent Design’s site on July 21. Also make sure to check out this handy comparison chart as a reference for the differences between the Odyssey 7 and 7Q. 

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