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Back at NAB 2014, Andy did a great booth tour with James Mathers from Digital Cinema Society where he highlighted a number of our new AbelCine-developed optical accessories. One of the products that generated a lot of interest at the show was our IB/E Universal Mount System for Canon Cinema Zooms, which is comprised of our new UMS Conversion Kit for Canon Cinema Zoom lenses (compact zoom and cinema zoom versions available) and the IB/E Universal Mount System (UMS). This system is compatible with the 14.5-60mm and 30-300mm Cinema Zooms, as well as the 15.5-47mm and 30-105mm Compact Cinema Zoom lenses.

Once the UMS Conversion Kit is installed by one of our factory certified lens technicians, the user can easily switch between various lens mounts in the field. Our lens technicians replace the factory EF or PL mount with our UMS Conversion Kit, which allows users to quickly swap between PL (included with the UMS Conversion Kit) and the IB/E Universal Mount System Mounts (available in Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Sony FZ, and MFT mounts). 

The UMS Conversion Kit is back focus and zoom center axis (zoom tracking) calibrated during installation, ensuring each UMS adapter (F, E, FZ, MFT)  is accurate every time. Featuring precision-matched stainless steel construction, the adapter is compatible with both SP (PL) and S (EF) versions of Cinema Zooms. While the UMS EF mount does not support electronic communication, the electronic components of the lens are undisturbed, which means swapping back to the factory EF or PL mount is a simple procedure and non-invasive. 

Once outfitted with the conversion kit, the lens will now have the UMS fitting and PL Extension installed as the mount. If you want to switch to a different mount, simply unscrew the four (4) flat head screws located in the center of each flange and remove the PL extension.

When the PL Extension has been removed, align the locating pin on the UMS mount with the tab on the lens and install in the same fashion as a standard PL mount.

To see the Universal Mount System for Canon Cinema Zooms up close, make sure to stop by our booth #S231 at Cine Gear this year!  



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