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Today, Convergent Design released the first official firmware update for the Odyssey 7Q, which includes some big (and often requested) features. The standout feature is the addition of HD ProRes HQ 422 to the already-considerable list of support codecs and record modes. Additionally, this update will include the previously mentioned Sony FS700 update, which includes the ability to record 4K Raw (up from the 2K Raw as originally announced) and a new 4K Raw to HD ProRes HQ conversion. The FS700 normally outputs an 8-bit signal via the HDMI and SDI ports, but the new 4K Raw to ProRes conversion takes the 16-bit linear Sony Raw format and converts it to 10-bit HD ProRes HQ, netting you a higher bit-depth recording than previously possible.

Speaking of higher bit-depth, the new firmware also adds support for 12-bit 2K & HD 4:4:4 from the Canon C500 and expands the 4K Raw options to include QHD (3840 x 2160). The full list of updates includes:

  • ProRes HD 422 HQ (up to 30p)
  • Mix file types on SSDs (RAID, non-RAID, Raw, ProRes, etc.)
  • OLED Pixel Zoom frame drag
  • Improved / added reference marks to Waveform, Histogram, and False Color tools
  • OLED screen flip
  • Audio meters
  • Headphone volume control
  • Hide video function (blackout screen)
  • 1.33 Frame Guide added
  • Clean SDI output (no overlays)
  • Sony FS700 4K Raw recording up to 60p
  • Sony FS700 4K Raw to HD ProRes HQ up to 30p (FS700 option required)
  • Canon C500 QuadHD raw up to 60p
  • Canon C500 2K Raw up to 30p
  • Canon C500 2K & HD 12-bit 4:4:4 recording up to 30p 

For more info, read Convergent Design’s official press release and visit their site to download the newest firmware. If you’re attending NAB this year, make sure to stop by and check out the Odyssey7Q’s new features in our booth #C6012! 


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