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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the image a particular camera and lens would produce? Well, if you have your phone on you, there’s now an easy way to find out. DIRE Studio has released an app called Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder, which has the ability to preview and capture hundreds of camera and lens combinations. 

The app can work just like a regular camera app, but the standout feature is its database of over 470 cameras, covering models from the stills and motion worlds. Filmmakers can choose from a list that includes multiple members of the Arri ALEXA family, Sony’s F series cameras, Canon’s EOS lineup, and RED Cameras. With an equally impressive set of lens options, users can probably put together almost any real-world combination they can imagine. Interestingly, if you pick a camera like the ALEXA XT Studio for example, you will have the ability to select your desired acquisition format (including anamorphic options); the app will then present you with the appropriately compatible set of lenses.

On the iPhone (there is currently no Android version), the interface is fairly intuitive, with familiar features like auto-exposure lock, autofocus lock, and even a customizable Fn Key accessible from the Quick Control Screen. As a tool that could come in handy in situations like scouting a location, it also has the ability to save the GPS coordinates and simulated metadata for every image that is captured. 

You can find Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder in the App Store now. Be sure to download the detailed handbook from the official site as well for detailed instructions and technical background info.

What mobile apps have become indispensable to you on set? Let us know in the comments! 

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