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AbelCine is now selling the RED 3-Axis Lens Control System, which is composed of three motors, a Wireless Motor Drive (W.M.D.) and a Tactical Hand Controller (T.H.C.). The lightweight RED lens control motors are extremely well-engineered for quick attachment to rods and placement on a lens. The cable connector on the lens has a pivot-and-lock system allowing for 300º of rotation, making for easy and clean cable management. Interchangeable gear heads (0.4m to 0.8m) are available; these are held on by magnets, allowing for quick repositioning. 

The W.M.D. powers the lens motors and has various options for adjusting torque and backlash. It can even send metadata directly into a RED camera including lens make, model and focal length, plus frame-by-frame focus, zoom, and iris readings. The T.H.C is easy to configure, featuring focus, iris, and zoom adjustments, plus the ability to set lens limits for even greater precision. Additionally, it can be set up to trigger start/stop on a RED camera. Priced at $14,500, the full kit includes all cables, batteries, and a travel case. Check out the video above to learn more and keep your eye out for the system on display in our NY and LA showrooms soon! 

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