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posted by - Thursday, 21 November 2013
Topics 4K, Featured, Phantom

Samsung is launching a new series of consumer “Ultra HD” displays with 4K resolution. To show them off, the consumer electronics giant needed to produce some stunning 4K content, so Samsung arranged to incorporate the Flex4K into their campaign. They used New York City as a backdrop and called on Los Angeles-based Director of Photography Morgan Schmidt

“It was a huge pleasure to be one of the first to use the prototype Phantom Flex4K camera on a shoot for Samsung in New York,” reported Morgan. “The client wanted the absolutely sharpest, cleanest images currently possible to show off their new Ultra HD displays.”  

Among other locations, Morgan shot in Washington Square Park on a particularly bright day. “The location presented challenges: we had harsh sun, extreme contrast, wide shots, saturated colors, and limited ability to modify light. Rolling 1000fps at 4K, the camera delivered the cleanest, sharpest high-speed imagery I’ve ever seen.”

The subject matter, kids in vibrant clothes and industrial strength bubble machines blowing huge bubbles was a good test. “Color rendition was exceptional; skin tones were very natural and attractive, and the saturated red clothing looked snappy without artifacting. There was room in the blacks to underexpose for highlight detail and bring up in color correction without introducing significant noise.”  

Morgan concluded, “Using the Flex4K was an experience I look forward to repeating very soon.” Check out the video below to see some of the footage he shot – and make sure to watch it in 1080p! 

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