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Last month, we posted some first impressions of Vision Research’s new Flex4k camera from our friends Greg Wilson and Steve Romano. Recently Brain Farm, the Wyoming-based production house specializing in action sports cinematography, turned to award-winning skateboard film veteran Ty Evans to test the Flex4K in skateboard country – Southern California. 

Phiroze Dalal from Vision Research served as Phantom Tech and after a couple of days was freely using words like “gnarly” and “dude”. Phiroze also talked about this shoot being different from other tests of the camera because of Ty’s “run and gun” style where portability was key.

Filmmaker and cinematographer Ty Evans spoke to this point. “I’m a big fan of super simple. When I go out, I have all my cameras built and I just throw them in the car, it’s not like I bring 20 cases and I’m sitting there building everything putting lenses on. I’m all about trying to go out and shoot as fast as I can.”

“With this new Flex4K, we’re actually going to be able to have a battery on the back so it’s going to be a lot more lightweight, and easy and fun to use.”  

Portability is important to Ty, but he was also ‘stoked’ about the image. “You know, the skin tones looked amazing, there’s so much to play with dynamic range since it’s RAW, you have so many options. The fact that we’re stepping into 4K with these now is cool. It’s pretty groundbreaking that we’re getting to the point that we can shoot 4K at 900 frames per second.”

Ty has been using Phantoms for a long time. “I always say to my friends that this is my favorite camera, whether it’s the Phantom Flex2K or the Miro or anything else, I love shooting with these things. And now being able to go to 4K it’s like a dream come true, so I love it.”

You can find even more BTS photos from Ty Evans’ shoot over at Brain Farm’s blog

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