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Here’s some great news to kick off your weekend – Sony has just released firmware version 2.0 for the PMW-F5, F55 and AXS-R5 Raw recorder. This is a major update with many features users have been asking for. The update brings thirty new features and enhancements, including the headline feature of 2K Raw high frame rate (HFR) shooting up to 240fps (selectable from 120fps, 180fps and 240fps), as well as internal HD XAVC high frame rate shooting up to 120fps to SxS Pro+ cards. You can also record 120fps at 2K Raw and XAVC HD simultaneously. Support for XQD media (via an adapter) has been added as well, perfect for those interested in using the media from their PXW-Z100.

From a usability standpoint, version 2.0 adds a histogram, vectorscope and waveform monitor for the viewfinder and SDI outputs, as well as support for false color mode for the DVF-EL100 OLED viewfinder and DVF-L700 monitor. The false color mode will require a free update to your OLED viewfinder or monitor, which can be performed at a Sony Service Center. Additionally, the rotary dial can now be used to adjust audio levels, and iris and record trigger is supported on the Fuji Cabrio and Sony SCL-Z18x140 lenses. All four SDI ports have been enabled, and you can now control EI and LUT modes separately for the Sub outputs, which means you can monitor externally with a LUT while recording SLOG2. 

The full list of new features are as follows:

  • High Frame Rate (HFR) recording
  • Simultaneous recording XAVC HD and 2K Raw up to 120fps
  • 24.0p system frequency
  • XAVC 2048x1080p
  • Support for mount adapter LA-FZB1/FZB2
  • Direct setting items on the sub display are expanded
  • Additional displayed information on Sub display
  • Control EI value and MLUT On/Off on Sub display
  • S-Log2 is added as MLUT P4
  • Waveform, vector and histogram monitor on VF and SDI out
  • False color function on DVF-EL100 and DVF-L700 (more information coming soon)
  • User box marker
  • Focus Assist indicator
  • Flicker reduce function
  • All SDI outputs work simultaneously
  • SD signal from SDI3/4 and Test out
  • 3840x2160p output from SDI out and HDMI connector (F55 only)
  • Support for 2-sample interleave division method for 4K output (F55 only)
  • Rec Review function on SxS Memory
  • Support for Fujinon Cabrio lens series and Sony SCL-Z18x140 zoom lens
  • Support for user gamma
  • RGB gamma control independently
  • Support for new XQD memory card
  • Update Media function for the administrative file
  • Changeable forced menu display
  • Selectable pop-upped indication on VF and SDI OUT
  • Support for Chinese display
  • Improve a response of 700p protocol
  • ABB and APR on SStP recording mode
  • Change a default setting for SDI output format
  • Change a default setting for Lens Interface
  • Change a default setting of recording media on CineEI mode
  • Change an operation when selecting “AXS & SxS” and not inserting AXS Memory
  • Change an operation when selecting different color sampling and playback on SR File Codec

You can download the new firmware directly from Sony and if you’re interested in learning even more about the F5 and F55, keep your eye out for our next intensive workshop coming up in NY

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