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The Odyssey 7 and Odyssey 7Q garnered lots of attention when they were first announced in March. Convergent Design recently announced several changes to the kitting of the recorders, which are due to begin shipping next month. Their prices have been lowered, while capacities have increased.

First, the SSDs for both recorders have increased in size while dropping drastically in cost. Instead of a 240GB SSD for $595, there is a 256GB SSD for $395, and instead of a 480GB SSD for $1195, there is a 512GB SSD for $895. That’s a drop from $2.49/GB to $1.54/GB. These SSDs are said to read/write faster, use less power and generate less heat than the original drives. The 960GB drive originally announced has been eliminated.

The Odyssey 7Q can record a variety of signals from various sources. While it comes bundled with DNxHD and uncompressed DPX video recording functions, there are also several record options that can be purchased or rented to expand the unit’s capabilities. These recording options have now been reorganized by camera manufacturer and some of the prices lowered.

Sony+ Option: FS700 (HD, 2K RAW up to 240fps & 4K), F3, F23, F35, F950, HDC-1500, F5 (HD video), F55 (video in HD, 2K, 4K), plus other models. This option is only $795, a significant price drop.

Canon+ Option: C500 (HD & RAW), plus other models

Weisscam Option: IndieCam, Lux Media Plan, Weisscam, P&S Technik X35, IO Industries

ARRI+ Option: ARRIRAW from all ALEXA cameras with T-Link output

Quad Option: Four separate streams of HD video up to 1080/30p, no genlock required

The Odyssey 7Q is lining up to be one of the more versatile and capable camera-mounted recorders available. It also has a 7.7” OLED full-featured monitor with complete image analysis, exposure and focus tools. The Odyssey 7 sports the same OLED panel.

To learn more about the Odyssey 7 and 7Q as well as other available portable video recorders, come attend or tune in to the AbelCine LA EXPO: Camera-Mounted Recorders on Tuesday, July 23rd.

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