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posted by - Monday, 04 February 2013

Creating custom scene files for cameras is an on-going tradition at AbelCine, and there have been quite a few requests from users of the Sony PMW-200I created some looks for the PMW-200 based on a few of the most popular ones that we created for other cameras in the past. The last profile included in the download has been left standard for when you want to shoot “clean.” Here is a short run down of the looks:

AB Norm

I used Hyper Gamma 1 for this profile. HG1 takes advantage of the 325% extended range of the sensor and brings it back to 100% for REC709, while the color saturation matches that of the other AB-NORM scene files. This picture profile can be thought of as providing a nice overall look. 

AB Range

For this scene file, I took advantage of the Hyper Gamma 1 setting in the PMW-200 to get extended gamma range out of the sensor and delivered in REC709. Colors will not be as saturated as in AB-NORM

JR45 Video

I used the Hyper Gamma 3 setting to match the gamma profile of previous versions of this look. Here the gamma is rated with a white point of 109% and you will also notice that the level of the HG3 has been stretched as well.


Here I took advantage of the PMW-200’s Hyper Gamma setting to match it closely to the JR45Cine look from previous cameras. 

JR45Cine 2

In this look, I took advantage of the extended Gamma range of HG3. Because of the extended range, I could maintain a cine gamma while being able to reach into shadows and pull out more detail.

To use these picture profiles, just download them directly to your computer and drag the SONY folder to an SxS card. Load the SxS card into your PMW-200, go to the OTHERS menu, navigate to CAMERA DATA and select RECALL. 

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