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posted by - Friday, 14 December 2012

Recently, we announced that we partnered with Scenios to become the first reseller of their cloud-based production platform. Scenios is, in essence, a virtual production office that allows productions to manage their information, including things like scripts, budgets, videos and more.

But how would something like this work in a real production environment? Benjamin Dewherst has a great post over at No Film School about he used Scenios while working on a 30-minute indie short back in 2010. He gives a pretty detailed run through of how Scenios helped streamline everything from uploading rough and final cuts for daily reviews, to pushing out updates to his entire crew (Scenios also allows you to split up users into groups, so you can send updates to just your actors, for example).

For an in-depth look at how Scenios works, watch the video above, featuring Mark Davis, CEO of Scenios. Recorded live, this hour-long class includes an overview of cloud-based production, as well as a live demo of Scenios Pro – the latest offering from Scenios. The video also features a 15 minute presentation by the executive producer of the Animal Planet show Tanked, in which he gives an overview of how he uses Scenios to produce his shows.  

If you want to try out Scenios for yourself, you can head over to our site and sign up for your free account today – new users get 5GB of cloud storage for free! 

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