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On November 20, AbelCine held the first event in its new EXPO series: Filters for Digital Cinema. Tiffen, Schneider Optics, and Formatt participated and scores of clients attended or watched via Livestream. One of the more significant discussions was on the topic of IR pollution control. Modern digital sensors can be particularly sensitive to infrared and/or “far red” (near infrared) and due to different sensor designs the filter solution for these issues varies from camera to camera.

We demonstrated IR filter solutions using the ARRI ALEXASony PMW-F3Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, RED EPIC and Canon C500. A 1000w open face quartz tungsten light illuminated three black fabrics at about one meter distance. The heat and brightness of the light fixture emulated hot sunny conditions where heavy ND filtering would be necessary. All cameras were set to 800 ISO with matching Zeiss CP.2 lenses, which have a seven stop aperture range. The lighting was set so that seven stops of filtration was required to shoot with the lenses set to their widest aperture. Each’s camera’s ‘control image’ was achieved by stopping down the aperture of the lens all the way, giving the same seven stops of exposure compensation while also equally cutting any IR. Filter options included the new Formatt ProStop IRNDs, Schneider Optics Platinum IRNDs, Tiffen IRNDs and HMIRNDs. Watch the video for an edited version of the presentation or click over to Livestream to view the entire EXPO.

Our next event, AbelCine EXPO: Innovations in Lighting, takes place this Saturday, December 15 from 12pm-6pm at our NYC location. Hope to see you there! 

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