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posted by - Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Building on the foundation of the F3 Riser and Shoulder Pad Kit, 3ality Technica has announced the F3 Armor option for the Sony PMW-F3. This kit is comprised of three parts that must be installed on the F3: a side cover plate that replaces the handgrip, a top plate that replaces the factory carry handle/viewfinder, and a double handle kit. AbelCine’s Technical Service department can perform this installation. 

The top plate is machined from a single piece of aluminum and consists of a series of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 tapped holes. A cheese stick handle can be attached at several locations – this ability is especially useful since the camera’s balance point can shift with the use of larger lenses. The top plate also provides a lot of surface area for electronic viewfinders, cinetapes (electronic tape measure), and many other accessories. Additionally, the front section of the plate has been tapped to hold an optional 15mm lightweight bracket, which is ideal for keeping lens motors clear of other accessories mounted on the F3. 

The side cover plate replaces the handgrip and the digital zoom/playback/record function buttons. It offers a solid, durable surface for all sorts of accessories and is ideal for placing the MDR for a FIZ. If a V-Lock is used, then attaching and removing the MDR is as fast as snapping it in or out of the plate. 

3ality Technica’s F3 Armor must be installed by a Sony Authorized Service Center so that the camera’s warranty isn’t voided. The Armor is a great option for users who want to add a bit more functionality to the F3, especially in a Digital Cinema environment that requires a lot of accessories and the most demanding builds. 

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