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posted by - Friday, 09 November 2012

WirelessHD (WiHD) is a consumer electronics standard for the transmission of audio and video data signals. Because it is intended for the consumer market, where hundreds of thousands of units are expected to ship, the price of the equipment can be quite low. We decided to adapt these tools for professional use, creating the AbelCine Wireless Video Solution. Consumer technology uses HDMI to carry HD video with embedded audio, so we added Atomos Connect H2S and Atomos Connect S2H converters to make the transmitter and receiver each accept either HDMI or HD-SDI signals.

The system works with all formats of HD video, including some that other, more expensive professional devices do not. Any combination of HDMI or HD-SDI at either end can be used, so a camera could output HDMI and a monitor could see it via HD-SDI, or the reverse. We also added a custom power regulator, which runs the complete transmitter kit and the complete receiver kit each off a single industry–standard 12v P-Tap. Locking HDMI cables are used to protect connectors and prevent accidental loss of signal.

The AbelCine Wireless Video Solution is rated up to 150 feet (line of sight), and each end weighs less than a pound. The complete kit sells for less than $1500. Watch my video above for more details.

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