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posted by - Tuesday, 25 September 2012

We’ve touched upon this before, but file management is perhaps one of the most overlooked and neglected details of production. I’m sure every shooter recognizes how critical file management is, but how often do we practice what we preach? I’m guilty of possessing multiple hard drives with random folders strewn about, even though I always advise the exact opposite. 

Perhaps I’ve never settled on a “system” that works for me – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In the future, this topic will only become more prevalent with the growth of tapeless-based acquisition and archiving. Benjamin Dewhurst over at NoFilmSchool has a great write-up on the importance of file management and the system he employs for his own projects.

In a similar vein, oftentimes a DP or camera operator is now expected to be responsible for their own media and file management. If learning new camera technology and shooting methods wasn’t enough, you are also expected to be your own computer and networking tech support. The various file formats, platforms, codecs, and standards used today can be a confusing realm, so how do you make sense of it all? If you’re interested (or need) to learn the intricacies of media and file management, make sure you join Andy for his Digital Technician: On Set Media Management course tomorrow!  

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