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posted by - Tuesday, 14 August 2012

You may have wondered what the 5600K CC button on the top left hand corner of the PMW-F3′s LCD does. As its name implies, it allows you to quickly change the white balance from 3200K (tungsten) to 5600K (daylight). The important thing to remember is that the button only works this way when the camera is set to a color temperature of 3200K. With firmware version 1.31, the 5600K CC button would simply “add” 2400K to your base white balance, so 3200K + 2400K = 5600K. With firmware v1.40, you will only achieve 5600K with the 5600K CC button when you start at 3200K.

The factory default for preset white on the F3 is 3200K. If Picture Profiles are turned off, the camera will always default to 3200K. In Picture Profiles, you have the ability to offset white temp, but activating this will cause the 5600K button to register a temp other than 5600K. The LCD screen can conveniently display Color Temp status, whether the 5600K button is active or whether a Picture Profile is active.

To keep it simple, just remember: only use the 5600K button if your default color temp is 3200K.

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