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posted by - Wednesday, 25 July 2012

With more cameras shipping in “expandable box” designs, accessories such as electronic viewfinders and onboard monitors have become increasingly popular. However, the mounting options have been rather basic and lacking, with none of them sharing the same adjustability and sturdiness as integrated units.

The new Solid Camera EVF Support System is meant to have as much, if not greater, functionality as any viewfinder system on the market. It features two adjustable clutches to allow a great range of positioning while still allowing for single-handed operation. Place the EVF where you wish, let go, and the unit will remain in place without needing to tighten a clamp or make any other adjustment. For a smaller system, one extension of the EVF Support can be omitted while still retaining adjustability and the clutching function.

The system includes a Universal mount, which is designed to fit onto a number of camera systems, including Berkey Top Plates for cameras such as the Sony F3 and FS-700 and the various top plates available for the RED EPIC and Scarlet cameras such as the Wooden Camera Easy Top-X. Using a Wooden Camera Easy Plate, the mount will also attach to the Canon C300 and the Movcam FS-700 cage top plate. The system also mounts to AbelCine’s I-Plates for the new Phantom Miro M320S high-speed camera.

The Solid Camera EVF Support System is compatible with viewfinders from Alphatron, Zacuto, Cineroid, RED and others. In addition to dedicated cradle mounts (such as for the Alphatron), there is also a  Universal Cradle, which will support small LCD monitors such as the TV Logic VFM-056WP.

Check out the video to see the Solid Camera EVF in action.

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