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Last week, Jeff wrote about how to to remotely control the C300 using a Wi-Fi adapter and an iPad. In a similar vein, Sony’s F65 Remote app for iPad is a great way to quickly access and change the most useful settings on the F65, including frame rate, shutter angle, and exposure index. In this blog I’m going to give you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to set up both the camera and your iPad’s network settings to connect using Sony’s CBK-WA01 Wi-Fi Adapter.

  1. Plug the Wi-Fi Adapter into one of the USB ports at the top of the camera.
  2. Turn on the camera and navigate to the Network Menu. Open the Wi-Fi Settings and enable Wi-Fi. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose ad-hoc.

    Next, change the IP address of the camera to 192.168.(last two digits of the serial number).1. You can use the default IP address (, but I prefer to use the last 2 digits of the camera serial number, especially if you have multiple cameras on set. After that, create a Key for this network. It must be 5 digits long.


  3. Next, open the Remote Setting menu and create a password that is the same as the key you just created.

  4. Navigate to your iPad’s Wi-Fi settings. You should see your camera’s wireless network listed. Click the blue arrow icon next to that network to get to the Advanced Settings. Choose Static at the top and enter your camera’s IP address, but with a different number at the end. So 192.168.(last two digits of the serial number).4, for example. Enter the subnet mask as Go back to the Wi-Fi settings, choose your camera’s network and enter the previously-created Key as the password.

  5. Now open the F65 Remote app. Click the upper left corner where it reads “Connect to F65.” Enter your camera’s IP address and the password you made in the Remote Settings menu. After typing your camera’s IP, you should see a green circle with a check mark appear next to it (like in the image at the top of the post).
  6. That’s it! I’ve successfully tested the signal up to 100 feet. 

Bonus: After completing step 4, you can also open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and enter the camera’s IP address into the URL field. You’ll be prompted for the password, and once you enter that, you’ll get a web interface that looks exactly like the F65 Remote app. The only difference between the App and the web interface is the app includes a PDF copy of the camera manual.

I hope you found this guide helpful. What are some of your favorite useful iPad apps? 

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