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 Sony BVM OLED Monitor

Sony has been working hard on their monitor line and this week they have announced some nice updates to their BVM monitors. Additionally, they’ve released a small PC application called Auto White Balance for calibration of their professional LCD and OLED monitors. The software can be used to calibrate many of the LMD, PVM, and BVM monitors using a variety of probes including the inexpensive X-Rite i1Pro. The software talks directly to the monitors over ethernet, which makes the process very easy. You can download Auto White Balance from the Sony site. 

The big software update news on the BVM-E line is the ability to install and assign ASC-CDL’s and/or User LUTs to different inputs. ASC-CDL stands for American Society of Cinematographer Color Decision List, which is a widely standardized type of Look Up Table (LUT) stored in an XML format. ASC-CDLs can be loaded in via a memory stick. Once loaded the CDL can be set to a specific channel for viewing. Additionally, the monitors will support other User LUT files that are generated from FilmLight’s TrueLight software. Truelight also has the ability to talk directly to the monitors via ethernet to load files. This is a big step forward for the BVM monitor line, and we are excited to see Sony going in this direction.

The monitors will also receive several small functional updates. The first of these adds the ability to see what your function buttons are set to without going into the menus. With this update, if there are no menus displayed on the screen, the enter button will display a list of what functions are set where. This seems like a small thing, but it’s important if you use these monitors all the time. Next up is increased support for DisplayPort inputs. Originally, only a small variety of graphic cards were supported, but now the DisplayPort output from a huge variety of graphics cards from NVidia, ATI and Intel are supported. Another small update was made to the power indicator lights. There are three LED lamps at the lower right in the bezel, and the one on the left will show the power draw of the monitor. Green indicates normal operation, and now it will show red under excessive current draw. This will be useful when the monitor is being powered in the field from sources other than a utility connection. All these updates are on the full BVM-E & BVM-F line of monitors.

The software is available as a free download from Sony. Here are the links for each monitor version: BVM-E170, BVM-E250, BVM-F170, BVM-F250.

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