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AbelCine worked with cinematographer Jim Geduldick to test and collect footage using the new, ultra-compact Phantom Miro high-speed camera.

Jim’s passion for extreme sports led him to produce and direct a test shoot at Camp Woodward. This unique camp focuses on action sports and digital media, making it a natural choice for the project. The shoot really put the Miro to the test with many shots requiring handheld work, tight spaces and low light setups. The Miro’s ISO rating of 1100 allowed Jim to shoot a night scene with all LED lighting – five Lightpanels 1×1 kits and five Switronix TorchLED Bolts. Jim used the AbelCine PCU, a simple, no fuss solution for controlling all the main camera settings such as black balance, white balance, playback, trim, trigger and save. On set, Jim switched between an EF mount and a PL mount on the Miro, which meant a lot of choice when it came to glass. The newly released Canon EF Cinema 14.5-60mm T2.6 Zoom in EF, Canon L Series Set and Arri / Zeiss Ultra Primes were all used on the shoot. Jim told us that he thought Canon did an excellent job with their new Cine zoom, and he was impressed by the great fall off, sharpness and minimal breathing of the lens.

The new Miro M320S made its debut at NAB in April. The camera can capture over 1500fps at 1920×1080. Its low light capability (1100 ISO) allows it to produce very high quality images at these extraordinary frame rates.

To learn more about Jim Geduldick’s experience with the Phantom Miro and watch behind-the-scenes video and teaser footage, check out this article in the Resource section of our website.

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