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posted by - Monday, 02 April 2012
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Today, Sony announced its latest camera, the NEX-FS700. This is the big brother to the FS100 but with some major additions. The big news is the inclusion of an 3G/HD-SDI output and ND Filters, which were two of the most requested additions to the FS100. And the really big news is that the camera is “4K Ready” meaning that in the future it will be able to output 4K RAW data over the 3G-SDI connection. This data will be recorded by a future Sony device, which has not yet been announced. Having a 4K output really future-proofs the camera, which is important with technology advancing so quickly. The FS700 has a newly designed 11.6M sensor, 8.3M of which are used in the video mode. This sensor can be read out extremely quickly, allowing the camera to have some impressive high-speed options. It can record 120 fps (16 sec burst) and 240 fps (8 sec burst) at full HD resolution. 480 fps and 960 fps bursts are also available at half and quarter resolutions respectively. It has the same sensitivity and ISO range of the FS100, starting at 500 ISO (0db) up to 16,000 ISO (30 db).

With the Sony LA-EA2 A-mount lens adapter, the camera can focus extremely fast using phase detection and even track faces. The new adapter also adjusts iris more smoothly on Alpha lenses, which was a problem with the older adapter. Other big features of the FS700 include: Cine gammas (the same found in the PMW-F3), progressive (P/Psf) outputs over HD-SDI and HDMI, still picture shooting, 50/60hz switchable, the ability to save picture profiles to an SD card, up to 8x focus magnification, and a sturdy body design. The camera will have a newly designed handle which attaches to the camera via an Arri style rosette. The handle will feature a zoom rocker, which hints at the possibility of motorized zoom lenses coming from Sony in the future. The camera will be out in June with a list price of around $10,000, and we can expect the street price to be less. This is exciting news for sure, and we look forward to seeing more of the camera at NAB. Stay tuned for a video blog on the camera and see our pictures of the camera below. Also check out Sony’s press release with more information here.

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