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In this last part of my Sony F3 and S-log series, I go over how to generate 3D LUTs that can be used with external LUT boxes and in post. In order to do this I use an HD Link Pro from BlackMagic Design and, to control it, a program called LinkColor. In my last video, I generated several 1D LUTs with Sony’s CVP File Editor, and then converted them to 3D LUTs for use with LinkColor. I call these simple 3D LUTs “DeLog Curves,” and you can download them here. Finally, I created several 3D LUTs and CDLs that are matched to my F3 Scene files, which you can download here.

You can use these LUTs in post for a quick grade with many different tools. A free and quick tool to try is LUT Buddy for FCP. On a side note, also check out Antler Post’s S-Log Plugin for FCP, which applies a standard LUT to the your image and allows you to add burn-ins. Watch the video above to see how I put all of these together, and check out our Understanding Log class to learn even more.

You can find the rest of Andy’s S-Log and F3 series here:

Part 1: On the Charts
Part 2: Exposure Index Mode
Part 3: Application
Part 4: In-Camera Look Up Tables

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