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posted by - Friday, 09 March 2012
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Sony recently released software version 1.1 for the SR-PC4 interface box for SRMemory cards and a new beta version of the F65RAW Viewer application.

With this update, the SR-PC4 can now play back F65RAW footage from the SRMemory cards via the HD/SDI port. Being that the F65 records F65RAW in full 8k sensor resolution, which produces a demosaiced resolution of 4096×2160, the SR-PC4 will first down-convert the playback footage to 2048×1080, then provide a 1920×1080 cropped image. The crop window is selectable via the PC4 control interface, finally providing a way to quickly monitor and review F65RAW footage. Other new features include the option to import partial files via the familiar IN/OUT mark structure any NLE user is accustomed to. For the longer clips, the new “Chunk” import option allows you to split up a large file in to several smaller, more manageable files. The last new feature allows you to add clip data (such as Good/No Good) and write-protect the clips via the PC4 control interface. The 1.1 update can be obtained from Sony.

In addition to the updates for the SR-PC4, Sony has also released an update to the F65RAW Viewer application. Beta version 0.97 adds support for the new S-Log2 curve, allowing you to add a highly gradable log to your export files. The F65RAW Viewer requires Windows 7 64-bit or OS X Lion, and can be downloaded directly from the Sony website.

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