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posted by - Thursday, 09 February 2012

With the popularity of HDSLR cameras, as well as digital cinema cameras like the ALEXA, more digital productions are using 2nd-system audio recording than ever before. External recording offers improved quality and flexibility, but it does require some extra steps in post to sync things up.

PluralEyes from Singular Software uses audio waveforms to sync clips. Popular with HDSLR-based productions, the software now has versions for Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Premiere, Vegas and Edius. It creates a sequence in a given NLE with audio and video synced up. For a quick look at PluralEyes in action, check out this article by Jem Schofield of theC47.

Singular Software also has a standalone application called DualEyes, which will replace audio in clips with external audio recordings, allowing it to be used with any non-linear editing system. Both Plural Eyes and Dual Eyes use audio waveforms to sync audio, so no timecode is required. They are excellent tools and well worth purchasing.

For digital cinema cameras like the ALEXA, it’s fairly common to have timecode matched external audio, and no internal audio recording at all. So, Plural Eyes isn’t the best solution for working with these clips. DIT Ben Cain outlined a new solution called JamSync by Light Illusion on his blog negativespaces. Light Illusion’s software allows you to batch sync audio and video via timecode. It will quickly output new files (either MOV or MXF) with the audio already in sync. This is a great low cost application, which can speed up many different workflows. Check out Ben’s article on JamSync here, and learn more about the application here.

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