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posted by - Thursday, 19 January 2012

The CamTram dolly is an innovative dolly and camera mounting system that is portable and highly adaptable. In this two-part video series, Mitch Gross takes an in-depth and up-close look at the unique features of the CamTram itself, as well as a number of accessories that make the system even more versatile.

Part 1:  An Overview Of The CamTram System Dolly

AbelCine has been selling the CamTram System dolly for a number of years, and while in that time there have been numerous sliders and portable dollies released, there are several unique features of the CamTram that keep it a particularly interesting device. Watch the video to see a breakdown of the features and functionality of the CamTram.

Part 2: Accessories for the CamTram System

The CamTram System is very versatile on its own, but there are several available accessories which expand upon its functions even further. The Underslung Rig allows a camera to be suspended below the CamTram, while remote heads such as the VariZoom Cinema Pro allow for remote rigging and motion control. The Cheese Ball mount allows for the mounting of other heads or accessories and an add-on motor kit allows the CamTram to dolly remotely as well. The Track In A Box portable track is a modular and heavy-duty track system, which packs away into an airline-friendly shipping case. Take a look at the video to see how these tools expand the use of the CamTram System dolly.

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