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posted by - Friday, 13 January 2012

We carry a huge variety of equipment here at AbelCine, and it is a constant challenge to stay on top of what is changing. For our clients this can be even more of a struggle, so we put together these firmware blogs to let you know what’s out and what’s coming soon for your gear. On our last Firmware Friday blog we mentioned new firmware for the Sony PVM series OLED displays and we have a new update for that. In addition, the Panasonic AF100 and Atomos Samuri have new firmware out, and we have some more details on the Sony F3 1.31 firmware on the way.

Sony PVM-1741 & PVM-2541 OLED monitors

Sony came by to show us the ‘Flicker Free’ version of the PVM monitors and I’m happy to report that the fix works. With a click of a function key the flicker free mode can be turned on and 24p looks nice a smooth. This function enables a sort of 24->72hz conversion in the monitor. We compared the monitor side by side with a traditional LCD screen and did not notice any difference between them in terms of flickering. So after some initial concerns it looks like the PVM-1741 and PVM-2541 can really shine now. The update will be done by Sony and should start to be available in the coming months after Sony has completed QC on this new software revision.

Panasonic AF100

Panasonic has released firmware version 1.16 for their AF100 camera. It enables the camera to control several Four Third lenses that are available from both Panasonic and Olympus, and also allows control over two new Micro Four Third lenses. This is a great update for the camera because it means more lens options and better control over these lenses. View the list of lenses now supported here, and download the new firmware here.

Atomos Samurai

Earlier this month Atomos released an import firmware update for their Samurai HD-SDI recorder. Previously the Samurai could only trigger recorder via hitting the record button or via the incoming timecode counting forward. With the new firmware (v 2.61) now the Samurai can trigger off HD-SDI ancillary data packets. Atomos gives a good explanation on their site: “when you hit record on the camera and the camera starts recording, so will the Samurai. When you hit record on the camera and the camera stops recording, so will the Samurai. Supported cameras are Sony, Panasonic, Red, Canon and Arri. Not all cameras output the ancillary data packet so naturally the Samurai will not respond.” This is very good news for anyone using it with the F3, Canon video cameras, and even the Alexa. Check out the new firmware here on the Atomos site.

Sony F3

Last, but far from least, is new firmware coming from the Sony F3. Sony announced over Twitter the specs of version 1.31 of their firmware. The big news, which I reported on before, is the ability to output S-Log in 422 via the ‘A’ connector of the camera. This is important because it allows for onset monitoring with the built-in LUTs, while sending out S-Log to a 422 recorder. Additionally, it can send out S-Log 422 at up to 60p over the A and B connectors (dual link). You still need the CBK-RGB01 key to enable S-Log though. The 3D link option is going to get better with this next firmware as well, because it enables synchronized control over two of their powered zoom lenses (SCL-Z18x140). With this option you could have a really nice 3D rig setup with two of theses zooms in sync. Finally, they will add support for their upcoming 11-16mm zoom lens (SCL-P11X15) which should be available soon. Version 1.31 of the firmware is expected to be out soon.

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