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posted by - Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I often get asked about the stuttering video motion, or judder, seen in 24p video. Even though we have all been watching or shooting 24p for years, for many of us it is new to see true 24p (or 23.98p) video displayed on a monitor.

24p is ‘jumpy’ by its nature, but the look of 24p video in a digital video camera can still come across a little more ‘jumpy’ then you’d expect. There are several reasons for this, which I explain in article for HDVideoPro magazine called “Did I Judder.” As part of the article, I put together these two videos to show the difference between native 24p video and 24p converted to 60i. I did this because much of the 24p content we see has been converted to 60i already, which has a smoothing effect that is very noticeable on television.

Watch the above video to see true 24p and then the video below in 60i. The difference is subtle on a computer monitor, so it’s difficult to show online. However, the difference helps explain why so many of us are surprised by 24p judder. To learn the other reasons for 24p judder, check out the full article over at HDVideoPro.com and on magazine shelves now.

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