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posted by - Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Sony has put a lot of effort into bringing OLED displays to the production business. Their PVM-740 monitor has had great success, and they followed it up with a 17″ (PVM-1741) and 25″ (PVM-2541) version as well. On the high end, Sony has released their BVM-E and BVM-F series of monitors in the same 17″ and 25″ sizes. The difference between the monitors can be a bit confusing; watch my video above to learn more, and see the chart below for more specifics.

The PVM monitors can flicker when showing 24p footage, so we suggest using a 60i conversion out of your camera for better results. If you need to output 24p for external recording then we suggest looking into the MD-DUCC converter from Decimator Design. This little red box can up, down, and cross convert any SDI signal and also spit out HDMI, component, and composite video. When combined with the Decimator, any signal can be converted to 60i to give flicker-free results.

UPDATE: New firmware is coming for the PVM monitors that will remove the flicker problems in 24p. They will add a ‘flicker-free’ function which can be turned on and off easily when shooting 24p. Look for it sometime towards the end of the year.

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