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posted by - Monday, 12 September 2011
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Panasonic has made several announcements at IBC this year including two new monitors, pricing on their new 3D camera, and more on the future of AVC Ultra.

Originally announced at NAB, the new shoulder-mounted AG-3DP1 takes the idea of Panasonic’s 3DA1 camera and puts it in a shoulder-mounted form factor with larger chips. It features two 1/3″ 3MOS chips (the same as those found in the HPX370 and HPX250) and a twin-lens system, while stereoscopic adjustment controls make it easier to use and operate. Recently Panasonic brought the camera in for us to check out, and we were impressed by its ease of operation. The convergence point can be adjusted on the lens and information can be displayed on the LCD and viewfinder to let the operator know if the image is creating ‘safe’ 3D. The camera will display different color blocks over areas of the image that are either too close to the camera, or too far based on the convergence point. The 3DP1 represents another step into bringing 3D production to a larger market. It will be available in December at a list price of $34,950.

The BT-L1500 and BT-L2150 monitors are standard LCD monitors measuring in at 15″ and 21.5″ respectively. They build on the high picture quality and extreme durability of the industry-standard BT-LH1700, with the additions of a lower price point and more portability. The L1500 is a 1280×800 resolution pane, while the L2150 is a full 1920×1080. They both feature composite, component, HD-SDI, and HDMI inputs. Look for them in November for a list price of $1800.00 (L2150) and $1595.00 (L1500).

Back in 2009 Panasonic announced the AVC Ultra recording format, but with little details other than it will be higher data rate and quality than their standard AVC-Intra 100 compression. Now they have given some more details on a whole line of AVC formats. This includes a AVC Intra 4:4:4 format with 12 bit 4:4:4 color at 400 Mbps, AVC Intra 4:2:2 10 bit 4:2:2 at 200 Mbps, and a new AVC Long-G which is Long GOP 10-bit 4:2:2 at 25-50 Mbps. Apparently, they will also continue this format up into the 4K world in the future as well. Unfortunately, there’s no camera that shoots in these new flavors (yet!), but it’s good to see Panasonic is getting their formats ready for the future.

Learn more about all of these products and more coming from Panasonic in this video – Panasonic @IBC2011 Highlights.

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