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posted by - Tuesday, 23 August 2011

AbelCine offers a variety of microphone choices to complement all of today’s Compact HD cameras. Video professionals often ask us which microphones they should pair with their cameras, so we put together this breakdown of popular options. Watch the video and read on for a rundown of the various makes and models available for all types of applications and camera builds.

Sennheiser is one of the oldest and most trusted names in audio. If a good quality on-board mic is needed, Sennheiser offers several choices. The ME series of mics are interchangeable with the the K6 or K6P power modules, which provide power via AA batteries or Phantom 48 power respectively. Both models are equipped with an on/off switch and a bass roll-off filter. The following series of ME mic cartridges can attach to the K6/K6P power module:

ME-64 – Cardioid with a wide pick-up pattern

ME-65 – Handheld interview style mic

ME-66 – Short shotgun mic

ME-67 – Long shotgun mic

Sennheiser offers several options for wireless set-ups. The EW 100 ENG G3 kit offers quality wireless audio at an affordable price. Included in the kit is the SKP 100 G3 wireless module for a handheld mic.

AbelCine now offers several mic options from RØDE. The NTG-1 Super Cardioid mic can be used in a boom pole or attached directly to the camera and runs via Phantom 48 or 24 power. It ships with a windsock for moderate wind conditions, but heavy wind will require the Dead Cat wind sock. RØDE offers an alternative NTG-2, which offers the option of powering the mic with an AA battery or Phantom 48 or 24 power. The NTG-3 is a super cardioid shotgun mic that is Phantom 48 power only.

RØDE offers a different take on the conventional lavalier mic with their pin mic. This mic consists of a base and a capsule that separate to attach to clothing. The only visible section of the mic is the mic screen, which can be painted to match wardrobe.

RØDE offers the Stereo VideoMic for stereo audio capture. Audio is recorded in a fixed X/Y stereo array.

Both Sennheiser and RØDE offer shotgun mics in a hot shoe mount enclosure for mounting directly to a camcorder. Both the VideoMic and VideoMic Pro are powered by 9v batteries. The Sennheiser MKE400 is an on-board shotgun mic powered by a single AAA battery. The mic is enclosed in a wind sock and shock-mounted for immediate attachment to a camera.

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