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posted by - Thursday, 28 July 2011

Nexto has released its latest in their series of data backup devices, the NVS-1501. The NVS-1501 is essentially a scaled down version of their NSV-2500 and NVS-2525 models. The big difference between these models is the number of different cards it can read directly. The NVS-1501 supports CF, SDHC/SDXC, Memory stick, and more. It does not support SxS or P2 cards. The NVS-1501 serves as a temporary download station, hard drive, and has the ability to mirror to an external drive. It accepts cards formatted in the standard FAT32 format, which means it works with a wide variety of cameras including Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and Canon. For a full list of supported video formats that the NVS-1501 can preview, check out Nexto’s chart here – Supported Video Format for Preview.

Copying data can be accomplished in three modes:

  • Fast copy – Data is moved from the card to internal storage. (For data rates, see table below the cut.)
  • Copy and Verify – This mode copies and checks data values between the card and the internal drive. Transfer times increase but with the added benefit of knowing that what went in is the same as what is on the card.
  • Safe Area – The unit analyzes its various sectors for any potential data storage issues and optimizes data storage based on the scan.

In addition to putting data into its internal drive, the NVS-1501 offers two additional storage options. In M COPY mode, the data is mirrored to an external drive via USB connection while being recorded to the internal drive. SYNC mode will automatically sync files that have been added since the last sync. This is a handy feature for days when you are on the go and can only periodically back up your data; it also frees you from needing to have a laptop for data transfer. The unit is equipped with a small LCD so files can be played back and visually inspected. A sound bar also indicates whether audio is present.

The NVS-1501 supports the burning of BD-R and BD-RE discs. Either format is supported without the need for a laptop, making it possible to create archive Blue-Ray discs in the field. This unit can also be used as a hard drive for data ingest to an NLE – it comes equipped with USB 2.0 and Firewire 800 connections.

Watch my video above to learn more about this compact and versatile device.

VSI-1501 Data Rates

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