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posted by - Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Sony PMW-F3 is a camera that begs to be accessorized. It can shoot with 35PL lenses, which means a follow focus and mattebox. If a large zoom is used, support is called for as well. Since the F3 can output very high quality HD-SDI, a camera-mounted recorder is desirable. An on-board monitor or accessory viewfinder needs accessory power, so an extra battery mount would be nice. Additional provision for handheld operation is also helpful.

AbelCine worked directly with Element Technica to develop the F3 Riser & Shoulder Pad Kit. This complete solution, which accepts lightweight 15mm support rods, includes ARRI rosettes for mounting handgrips and an adjustable shoulder pad. It also acts as a spacer for use with Element Technica Hybrid Bridgeplate or ARRI standard 15mm or 19mm studio bridgeplates, such as the ARRI BP-8 or BP-9. An optional Universal 15mm Lightweight Rod Bracket allows rods to extend behind the camera for mounting additional accessories. The unique design of the riser means that proper balance can be achieved both for tripod as well as shoulder-mounted use.

Other accessories shown in the video that are not part of the kit include Zacuto 15mm Rods, Vocas Handgrip Kit, AJA KiPro Mini, Zacuto Zwiss Plate, Anton Bauer QRC-Dual PT Battery Mount, and the Berkey F3 Top Mount Cheese Plate and F3 Extension Plate.

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