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posted by - Thursday, 23 June 2011

ARRI has just completed extensive testing on the new ALEXA Firmware 4.0, due to be released in early July. It includes so many new features that ARRI has decided to release a Beta version to all ALEXA owners a few weeks in advance of the official release date. This will allow ARRI to receive valuable feedback on the performance of the 4.0 upgrade from its growing ALEXA install base prior to the firmware’s official release.

Here are the key features of the ALEXA 4.0 Beta firmware.

For ALEXA and ALEXA Plus:

– Custom looks through ARRI Look Files

– Audio playback from SxS PRO cards

– SxS recording can be turned off

– Auto white balance

– Peaking focus check in EVF-1 and MON OUT

– False color exposure check for Log C images

– EVF ZOOM position centered or in top part of image

– EVF ZOOM and EXP buttons are now toggles

– HD-SDI Rec start/stop flag recording (without requiring SxS card to be inserted)

– Quieter “Rec Low” fan operation at higher ambient temperatures

– RETURN IN video enabled

– Compare stored image from SD card with live image

For ALEXA Plus:

– 3D lens synchronization

– Master/Slave lens motor control

– Lens Data System (LDS) info available in EVF-1 and on MON OUT

– Lens Data Archive (LDA)

– Electronic level in EVF and MON OUT

In addition to these free upgrades, ARRI will soon release special functionality for the cameras via a paid software licensing process. The first feature to be licensed will be the new Anamorphic de-squeeze in the EVF-1 and MON OUT. Following the formal release of SUP 4.0, license keys will be available to purchase – please email service@arri.com for further information.

If you are an ALEXA owner, it is important that you register on the ARRI website. This is required in order to download firmware updates. ARRI will email all registered ALEXA owners as future updates become available.

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