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posted by - Friday, 27 May 2011


Sony stopped by the office with the FS100 the other day, and we were able to do some quick tests. The first thing I wanted to know was how the camera rated in terms of ISO, so we repeated the same tests we did for the F3 ISO. Here are our findings:

Gain db Level ISO Rating 
0 db 500 ISO
+3 db 800 ISO
+6 db 1000 ISO
+9 db 1600 ISO
+12 db 2000 ISO
+15 db 3200 ISO
+18 db 4000 ISO
+21 db 6400 ISO
+24 db 8000 ISO
+27 db 12800 ISO
+30 db 16000 ISO

We were amazed by the results, especially the ISO 8000 and 16000 results. My light meter couldn’t even go above 8000. Click on the 24 db image (above) and 30 db image (below) to see the output of the camera. This should help you get an idea of the noise associated with these high gain values. The low light capabilities of the camera are amazing.

The next test was of dynamic range. Stepping through the different gamma modes, we found that CinemaTone1 had the highest range at about 10 stops. This test was done with an 18 step back lite gray scale chart from DSC Labs, the same as used for the F3 Dynamic Range Test.

Finally, our friend Mark Forman from Mark Forman Productions did some low light tests of his own that are very revealing. Watch his video here to see his results.

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