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posted by - Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our NAB booth included the PMW-F3 with the new S-Log firmware from Sony installed. I was very impressed with what the new mode added to the camera and was delighted to show it off to guests in our booth. Some of our friends at Next Level Pictures stopped by, and I gave them a short demo. They were so impressed with the effect that they asked to take the camera out for a quick test, which I agreed to. Twenty-four hours later they came back with a plan to take Vegas by storm, and the result was an amazing test of the F3 and S-Log. Cinematographers Khalid Mohtaseb, Jonathan Bregel, Timur Civan and Vincent Laforet joined forces with a fantastic production team lead by Brad Burke to shoot the piece.

For this shoot, the F3 was combined with the new Angenieux 45-120 lens, Cooke Panchro/i lenses, Zeiss Ultra and Master Primes, Miller Tripods, a Kessler Crane Slider, OConnor and Element Technica accessories and the CineDeck Extreme. Watch the video above to see the test results.

Go to Next Level Pictures to learn more about how the project came together, and all the folks that helped make it possible.

Note: The camera was set to output 1080p 23.98 RGB 4:4:4 video in S-Log to the CineDeck, and record to the SxS cards with the Rec709(800%) LUT applied.

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