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posted by - Thursday, 27 January 2011
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ARRI has just completed extensive testing on the new ALEXA Firmware 3.0, due to be released in early February. It includes so many new features that ARRI has decided to release a Beta version to all ALEXA owners a few weeks in advance of the official release date. This will allow ARRI to receive valuable feedback on the performance of the 3.0 upgrade from its growing ALEXA install base prior to the firmware’s official release.

Here are the key features of the ALEXA 3.0 firmware.


  • “Tropical mode” – Peltier temperature control setting for the ALEXA sensor, for use in high humidity environments


  • ProRes playback off SxS cards in camera – viewable in the EVF and on the Monitor Output
  • Single frame grabs to SD card


  • HD-SDI 3G 4:2:2 single link recorder output for frame rates up to 60fps
  • “Variflag” frame flagging on output for off-speed recording
  • Independent output options – REC709, Log-C or DCI P3 (Digital Cinema Initiative standard) can be independently selected for HD-SDI REC OUT, MON OUT and/or ProRes SxS card recording


  • Line Level Stereo Audio input – recordable in ProRes and also embedded in the HD-SDI output


  • “Smooth Mode” – lessens visible shutter refresh judder in the viewfinder
  • False Color Exposure Check – for more accurate in-viewfinder exposure checking


  • EI 3200 – ALEXA’s sensitivity can now be set from EI 160 to EI 3200
  • New Color Processing – Significantly improved from previous firmware, including new Log-C Wide Gamut, Log-C Film and DCI P3 color matrices.


Metadata will be included in the HD-SDI video output, the HD-SDI ARRIRAW T-link output, in the QuickTime metadata atom and in the FCP XML file on the SxS cards. Frame grabs in the ARRIRAW and DPX formats will also include metadata.

In addition to the Firmware 3.0 release, ARRIRAW is about to go online with support from recorder manufacturers, post-production companies and the ARRIRAW partner network, all focused on deliverables in the coming weeks.

If you are an ALEXA owner, it is important that you register on the ARRI website. This is required in order to download firmware updates. ARRI will email all registered ALEXA owners as future updates become available.

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