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posted by - Friday, 14 January 2011
Topics Panasonic

With the popularity of Panasonic’s AF100, there are a few questions that keep popping up during discussions of the camera. Hopefully this blog can provide some answers.

When I’m using my AF100 with a lens adapter or when I remove the lens, why do I not get an image?

The AF100 ships with a setting that checks for a Micro 4/3rd lens, and if one isn’t found, the sensor remains off. If you put a Nikon or PL mount adapter on the camera, you won’t get a picture. However, this can be resolved with a simple menu change. In the OTHER FUNCTIONS menu, there is a setting called LENS CHECK. Simply turn this off, and you will be back in business. If you are still not getting an image, try removing and reattaching your lens.

Why do I have no audio recorded on playback?

Make sure that variable frame rate (VFR) mode is turned off. If VFR is enabled, even if your frame rate is set to match your recording rate, the camera will not record any audio. This is especially confusing because the camera shows audio meters and audio can be monitored. Therefore, always be sure that VFR is disabled before trying to record any audio.

Is the SDI output 8-bit or 10-bit?

The AF100 has an uncompressed 8-bit SDI output. Currently, there is no way to get full 10-bit output from the camera.

Why can I not get a 1080 60P signal out of the HD-SDI output?

The camera can record in 1080 60P when in Variable Frame Rate mode, however it cannot output 1080 60P. A single HD-SDI output only supports up to 1080 30P or 1080 60i video formats. When recording in 1080 60P (or in any variable frame rate setting) the camera will output a converted 1080 60i signal.

What are the recording times of the camera with SDHC / SDXC cards?

See the charts below for record times on an individual card (PH is the highest quality mode).

With two 64GB SDXC cards, you can get up to 12 hours of continuous recording in the highest quality mode.

What is the battery life of the camera?

See the chart below, provided by Panasonic.

Additionally, Anton Bauer created this more detailed chart of run-times. So if you power the AF100 with their new QR-VBG plate (coming soon) then it will give you the following run times:

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