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posted by - Friday, 20 August 2010

The Decimator 2is a low cost, easy to use downconverter and video distribution box. It is unique because it will accept HD-SDI, SDI or 3G (4x4x4) video signals, and output both HDMI, SD Video, and Analog Audio — no other mini-converter has all of these features. Once it detects an input signal, a colored diode lights up depending on the format, while a yellow diode indicates it is getting power. The Decimator will output all three signals (SDI loop-thru, HDMI, and Video) at the same time. A set of toggle switches on the back enable the user to set it up for different types of inputs and a wide selection of output options.

The Decimator is intended as a rack-mounted or monitor-mounted unit, and a mounting plate with screws is supplied. However, with a low weight of only .45 lbs, it can easily be rigged to a camera such as the RED.

Powered by DC 5-24V power, the Decimator comes with a power supply. Abel Cine Tech also sells a P-Tap adaptor that allows use with an on-board camera battery. It can also be powered by a Nebtek plate accepting Sony, Panasonic or Canon batteries.

USB and HDMI cables are included in the box.

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