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posted by - Wednesday, 07 July 2010

Sony recently announced the SRW-5800/2, an HDCAM SR studio recorder that builds on the quality and flexibility of the original SRW-5800 VTR. The SRW-5800/2 uses the latest version of the HDCAM SR MPEG4 Simple Studio Profile codec ASIC, which provides support for higher sampling resolutions, including 2K. Support for RGB 4:4:4 SQ comes standard, meaning the additional HKSR-5803SQ board is no longer necessary.

Other features include:

— MXF SStP file transfer
— SR-Lite MXF file support
— Double speed record & playback for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 SQ modes
— RGB 3D record & playback for 4:4:4 SQ mode
— Real-time 2K formats: (2048×1080 RGB 10 bit, 2048×1080 XYZ 12 bit)
— Support for 96 KHz audio sampling

An optional upgrade kit (HKSR-58UK) will be available so that the SRW-5800/1 can be made into a 5800/2. Older SRW-5800 decks that have not been upgraded to /1 can also use the HKSR-58UK, but will require an additional HIF-56 board.

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