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posted by - Friday, 25 June 2010

Anton Bauer recently released a new flexible Solar Panel system that can charge batteries when combined with their Tandem 150 charger/power supply. The Solar Panel folds out to 59 x 43 in (149.9 x 109.2 cm), and uses direct sunlight as an alternate power source. The panel is ideal for remote locations where no power is available, though charging times can vary based on available sunlight, of course. The Tandem 150 is the ultimate light power supply and charger in one. With 150W of power, the unit works with the most power hungry cameras, including the Sony SRW9000 and ARRI ALEXA. When attached to cameras with lower power draw (<75W), it can simultaneously charge a battery as well. The good news is that it will automatically detect the power draw and switch the battery charging option on or off. The Tandem 150 is extremely flexible – it can charge batteries when combined with the solar panel or act as a power supply/charger when working with standard AC or DC from a vehicle (when combined with the CA-TMCL – Vehicle Power Outlet adapter). Combining the the Anton Bauer Solar Panel, Tandem 150, Vehicle Power adapter, and Anton Bauer batteries would make for an excellent power kit that would work in just about any situation.

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