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repossessedCourtesy of BroadcastNewsroom.com

On National Geographic’s Repossessed, a reality show about a company that confronts people in order to repossess their vehicles, being able to capture authentic, emotional moments as they are happening is a must. Enter AJA’s Ki Pro tapeless recording device.

Bradley Levin, director of Repossessed and co-executive director of Stick Figure Productions, knew that being able to record without interruptions was crucial to the show. “Last season…we captured onto 33-minute DVCPRO HD tapes. Every 33 minutes we had to stop to change tapes, which was very disruptive – particularly with the nature of the material that we shoot.”

After attending an Emerging Technologies workshop at Abel, he came away impressed with the versatility and portability of the Ki Pro. Levin and the show’s DP Antonio Rossi devised a special rig that consisted of two Iconix HD lipstick cameras and two AJA Ki Pros. The whole thing could be installed quickly and easily onto whatever car or truck the crew were shooting. “Ki Pro enabled four hours of continuous recording which has been ideal for our fast-paced production environment. Once we went into editorial, we could FireWire the SSD drives and bring our material right into Final Cut Pro. It couldn’t get any easier,” Levin says. Along with the Ki Pro’s low power consumption and compact size, he also praised the device’s rugged construction, “The Ki Pros worked flawlessly…through rough weather conditions, in a car during high speed getaways, going up and down ramps, on rough roads, and in the back of a tow truck hauling a heavy load…The Ki Pros performed beautifully in every situation and climate during a rigorous shooting schedule.”

Read a full article on Repossessed at BroadcastNewsroom.com

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