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posted by - Friday, 06 November 2009
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Last night, Abel NY hosted a lighting seminar presented by Dedo Weigert, inventor of Dedolights.

Traveling to America exclusively for this event, Dedo drew a packed crowd of filmmakers, many of whom continued to talk with Dedo long after the formal end of the event. Keeping the audience engrossed with anecdotes culled from his years as a Munich-based cinematographer, he provided a glimpse into the genesis of his line of Dedolights. He emphasized that his lights weren’t meant to compete with any other manufacturers’, but—like the different paint brushes in an artist’s kit—each had its purpose. He then proceeded to demonstrate a number of his products, discussing the particular lighting situations in which each would shine. During a 15-minute break, attendees got a chance to get their hands on all the lights and accessories that Dedo demonstrated during his presentation.The night included some unconventional moments, such as when Dedo illustrated a point about his lights’ water resistance by dunking a lit fixture into a tub held by his assistant. Or when he threw one of his cases across the room to prove that they could withstand being manhandled in airports. Or when he started smashing a light on a table and on the floor as evidence that the bulb wouldn’t pop out.

Dedo will be returning tonight, to give another presentation to a full house at Abel. Designed as a practical workshop for DPs, this time Dedo will focus on the versatility of his compact lighting kits, and how they can provide a complete lighting solution for various real-world scenarios.

Jon Fauer of the Film and Digital Times has posted a nice write-up of the event on his blog. Check it out.

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