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posted by - Thursday, 06 August 2009

On Saturday August 1, colleagues from Abel Cine Tech Burbank and I presented the Phantom HD high-speed digital camera at the Directors Guild in Hollywood, as part of the DGA’s annual “Digital Day”. This year’s event was named “Digital on a Dime: Create Your Own Stimulus Package”. DGA members attended seminars, watched screenings and visited exhibits, which were set up in the lobby of the Directors Guild headquarters on Sunset Blvd.

Abel’s Phantom exhibit included an interactive display where visitors were asked to break a water balloon inside an empty aquarium, then watch the super slow motion 1,000 frame per second playback shot on the Phantom camera and recorded on the Phantom CineMag. “Wow!” was the general reaction of those who saw the water momentarily hold the balloon shape, then slowly fall into thousands of droplets.

DGA HeadquartersPhantom HD footage from commercials and other projects, was shown in Theater Two at the Directors Guild, along with footage from other digital cameras. We heard many complimentary comments about the Phantom HD images and how they “popped” in comparison with other cameras.

Pictured in the gallery above demonstrating the Phantom HD and answering questions, is the team from Abel Cine Tech Burbank. They are Service Tech, Juliet Verni; Digital Cinema Specialist, Sean Coles; and head of West Coast Production Sales, Jerrod Haarstad.

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