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posted by - Friday, 24 July 2009



The NULL Lens has begun shipping. We are fulfilling pre-orders first and expect to be caught up before the end of August.

The NULL Lens is an optical collimating tool for the RED One camera. Attach the NULL Lens to the PL lens mount, loosen the clamp screws on the side of the camera’s mount, point at something far away (150’ / 50m) and adjust until the image becomes sharp. It really is that simple. Properly adjusted, the NULL Lens can set the RED One’s mount accurately to within five microns. To see how easy the NULL Lens is to use, please check out our new online instructional video.

The NULL Lens is the centerpiece of a family of optical test products for Digital Cinema. There are several items and accessories forthcoming within this product line. The next of these to be released will be the NULL Target, which is designed to be used in conjunction with the NULL Lens. The NULL Lens has its focus locked to infinity. Point it out a window across the street or even across a large soundstage and that is far enough to set the mount accurately. In order to set the camera with the additional convenience of not having to focus on an infinity point, the NULL Target can be employed.NULL Target The NULL Target mounts to the front of the NULL Lens (pictured right) and projects a focusing screen that is set to infinity. Simply adjust the camera’s back focus until the screen’s target image becomes sharp. The whole unit is small, lightweight, internally powered, reliably accurate and easy to use. Price and release date have not yet been set for the NULL Target, but we are committed to keeping the price as low as possible and deliver as soon as we can. We are not yet taking any orders or reservations for the NULL Target.

Setting the correct lens mount depth is a major issue with these cameras, and a tools such as the NULL Lens and NULL Target should be an essential components to every camera owner’s kit.

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