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posted by - Friday, 10 July 2009

Doug Percher from International Supplies was nice enough to bring by the Nexto Video Storage Pro unit the other day and let us try it out. In the past, Nexto had shown us their eXtreme ND 2700 and other models that provided a OTG (on-the-go) way of downloading CF, SDHC cards, Memory sticks, and a variety of other flash memory. It’s basically a portable hard drive unit with some memory slots. The card goes in, and with a few clicks, the card is downloaded to the internal drive. This was a great unit for the DSLR market, Red One users, and AVCHD camera owners. But the Video Storage Pro brings this idea to a whole new level. It’s a must have for any tapeless camera owner, P2 & SxS included!

nexto_nvs2500_03The unit features the full gamut of flash memory cards slots (CF, SDHC included) as well as an ExpressCard/34 slot. The ExpressCard slot enables downloading of SxS cards AND P2 Cards with an included adapter. It’s like the P2 Store, but works for SxS and CF as well! Actually it really outshines the P2 Store because it has an internal 500 GB drive, and a little screen that can actually allow you to PREVIEW playback of both SxS AND P2 material (DVCPROHD/50/25). Sounded unbelievable to me, but I tried it and it actually worked. On top of that it features a FireWire400, USB, and eSata interface for downloading off the drive. Having eSata on this unit is great because we are all dying for a fast download solution – USB just doesn’t cut it. Honestly I was sold after I saw the thing download a P2 card and play it back on the screen, but here are a list of other features:

– Fast Backup Speeds – 80 MB/s average backup for an SxS card.

– USB Host mode – Can copy to both internal and external drive at the same time, or dump directly to an external drive with no computer involved.

– Data Verification can be enabled to insure a proper copy.

– Built In Battery – 6-27V input range, charge from wall, charge from USB/Firewire, charge from car charger, or power with external AA battery adapter.

– Shock Protection with internal free-fall sensor.

– Optional Solid State Drive available in the near future.

This product is coming soon, and is available with three hard drive options – 500GB, 320GB, and a 128GB Solid State Drive. In my opinion it’s a must have for any tapeless camera owner.

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