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posted by - Monday, 20 April 2009

KI Pro
AJA has just announced their new KI Pro tapeless video recorder. I’m really excited about this little box, which has a host of new features that are really amazing. It is a rugged field recorder that encodes video directly to 10-bit Apple ProRes 422. The ProRes HQ codec has really impressed us, with quality only paralleled with the highest end HD acquisition formats. AJA has done a great job working with ProRes, first with the IoHD and now with the KI Pro. The box is a fully functional recorder going directly to hard disc (HDD or SSD), or on to ExpressCard 34 media cards. Yes that’s right, it can record to your SxS cards or other ExpressCard 34 media. For video inputs it has SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and Component video. It also takes timecode input, 2 audio XLR inputs, and is powered by a standard 4-pin XLR cable. With all of these options you can record the output of just about any camera on the market, and even attach it to a camera with an optional accessory.

KI Pro on CamearThey will be shipping an ‘exo-skeleton’ for the KI Pro that will allow it to mount under a camera. They even have an additional piece with rods.

And now for the really geeky stuff that makes this box even more unique. First off, it can up-convert or down-convert a video input before recording. That means you can send a 720p HD-SDI signal (from the VariCam for example) and record it in 1080PsF, or send it a SD signal and up-convert it to HD. Second, it will take in just about everything and output just about anything. It will bridge in different connection and output what you like. You could even send in a HD-SDI input and output to an HDMI monitor. Third, it has WiFi support for remote control. You can log into the KI Pro and start and stop the device using your laptop, or even your iPhone. That’s about as geeky as it gets. I’m excited to see this product in action, hopefully we’ll get one in the near future.

The KI Pro is priced at $3995 US MSRP and will be shipping in June of 2009. Look for more info about it on our blog and check out AJA’s site to learn more about the KI Pro.

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