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posted by - Friday, 20 March 2009

You may have heard that the PDW-700 can shoot in 720P 60P. So of course many people ask about converting that 720 60p footage into slow motion. Well you can, but there are a couple of tricks. So here is my process for converting the 60p files into 24p files in Final Cut Studio 2.

1) Import your footage into FCP through the XDCAM Transfer Software. To do that go to File->Import->XDCAM, which will launch XDCAM Transfer.

Now we have your clip in a quicktime file but it is still in the XDCAM 422 codec. This won’t work for us because Long GOP codecs do not play well with frame rate conversion. So, we will transcode the files into ProRes 422.

XDCAM Transfer

2) Select the clips that you want to convert to slow motion. Go to the File Menu, and select Media Manager. In Media Manager, choose to recompress the files to ProRes 422 1280×720 59.94P. Select your destination directory, and start the process.

Media Manager

3) Finally we conform the 60p files to 24p. To do this, launch Cinema Tools from your applications folder. In Cinema Tools, go to the File Menu and choose Open Clip. Open a clip you just created – the ProRes conversion. Now select Conform to 23.98 in the lower right corner. Confirm the change and the file is converted. This process should be instant, and you should be able to see the slow motion effect when you play the clip.

Cinema Tools

4) Now repeat the process for each clip and import back into Final Cut Pro.

That’s it! Final Cut Pro will be able to mix the ProRes files with your original XDCAM content on the same timeline. Enjoy your slow-motion clips.

Update: This process will also work on XDCAM EX footage that was shot in 720 60P.

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