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posted by - Friday, 13 March 2009

Since its release, the EX Clip Browser has gone through some major overhauls. The latest version adds some function to enhance interoperability with the XDCAM HD (optical disc) format. Clip Browser 2.5 adds support for XDCAM HD disc browsing, playback, and copying. They also added the ability to copy MP4 clips from an SxS card directly onto a XDCAM disc. Using the PDW-U1 or a PDW-HD1500 deck, you can drag files from the SxS source right over to the disc. Whenever it sees the MXF structure it will automatically start converting the data to MXF. But, there are some limitations.

First, you need the MainConcept plugin to create these files without a watermark. Second, the 35mb XDCAM EX material is converted to 35MB XDCAM HD which is sub-sampled to 1440×1080. However, this does make for a great backup option, and the clips will be playable off the disk. Additionally, you can choose to copy SxS content to the UserData directory on the disk. This currently only works on the PDW-700 or PDW-HD1500 for data backup only. They have also added support for XDCAM IMX and XDCAM DVCAM export.

These may seem like small changes, but I think I see a plan emerging. Sony is combining the whole XDCAM line, and where solid state memory and optical media meet… we may find a full file-based workflow that combines the best of both worlds. I think we’ll see Sony move more in this direction at NAB this year.

Download the latest version here – XDCAM EX Clip Browser 2.5 on Sony.ca

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